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Hello. Adamus Sutekh here. When not being chased by mogs and loriens across the planet, I try to use this blog to discuss my theories and research.

A mod shares this blog with me, and will happily answer any questions you having, whether they regard the series or not.

Someone please help me find the Garde.
am i the only one who imagined number eight looking like this?

am i the only one who imagined number eight looking like this?

  i dont know   it just fits   number eight   lorien legacies

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  7. beafoodlover answered: I’m not a fan of it… but it’s an option I guess… Even if his hair is curly I imagined him with a shorter hair.
  8. brighterthanlumosmaxima answered: No you’re not :D
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  11. languageoflorien answered: Hey, it’s Simon. :) I love Robbie in Misfits :D I pictured Eight’s skin a tad darker, though.
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    so you admit Eight is hot good job Marina!XD
  13. booksforlions answered: You’re not the only one. NUMBER EIGHT LIVES!
  14. ughgustus-waters answered: yes he looks like this yes except more tan
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    I like him! They do look similar… Eight is actually prettier
  16. onlyfantasybooks answered: I prefer Marlo Teixeira :3
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